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    Just want some advice from someone who has had the same experience. It's a long post so I apologise. The manager of the EE store in Leicester is calling me tomorrow so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Posted this on the Nokia forum and emailed Nokia the same

    So, where do I start. I will give you a summary to start with...

    Bought an L920 from EE in late December and took it in to repair mid January. Got it back today with original problems still present plus a whole load of scratches and dents in the body and screen. Poor customer service from EE throughout the whole process.

    Now for a more in depth explanation.

    Bought an 330 L920 on PAYG on 24th Dec from an EE store in Cardiff. Actually I bought two, one for me and one for my brother (which is pretty much problem free). I was happy with the phone for the first week until I noticed a few problems while comparing it to my brother's.

    The first problem was the bezel not sitting flush with the screen on the left hand side. There is a gap spanning approx 1mm and a noticeable bulge halfway down the screen, where the gap is the widest. I did notice this a couple days in but thought nothing of it as it wasn't emphasised by the collection of dust and was so excited about having the phone that I didn't want to have to deal with taking it back in. Over the course of just over 2 weeks before taking in for repair, the build up of dust was very annoying and unsightly.

    Another problem with the screen is that the whole display doesnt sit flush with the body and the raised lip can be seen by eye and felt. It is easily noticeable. Not only does it not sit flush, when pressing down on the screen you can see the whole screen sink into the body. This problem was not noticed until the days leading up to me taking it in for repair.

    There is light leaking into the screen from the search button. This is easily seen with a black screen.

    There was creaking on the bottom left and top left of the body, which got very irritating and non-associative of a supposed premium handset. If it was a cheap handset I would feel more comfortable with this problem and just put up with it.

    Into the second week I noticed that there was the dust under the front facing camera. I did blow into the ear piece a few times and it did seem to move the dust, but reappeared almost instantly. This was the last straw, I couldn't ignore the problems anymore as they were constantly playing on my mind everytime I picked up the phone.

    Hardware problems aside I had a few freezes and crashes here and there where I had to reset the phone.

    Took it to the EE store in Leicester as this is one of the closest stores to Market Harborough. The fare was 10 by train and had to do this twice. I know this may seem petty but it was 20 that I didn't need to spend if I wasn't given a faulty phone. Took it in for repair on the Sat 13th Jan and was told that the turnaround for repairs is usually a week (2 weeks at most) and that it was likely I could pick it up the following weekend. I was surprised by this and took it with a pinch of salt.

    I described most of the problems, the only problem I omitted was the freezing and crashing as its the OS which is I assume a Windows problem.

    At the time of speaking with the EE rep I was told that Nokia would be dealing with this repair from thereonin and I could visit their site to track the repair. This was inaccurate as it was sent to EE's repair centre. I discovered this after posting a problem on this forum in regards to going 9 days without any update. He made it explicitly clear that if I wanted any updates I was to go through the Nokia site not EE as he wouldn't be able to tell me anything that the Nokia tracking service couldn't. Anyway after finding out it was with EE's repair centre I proceeded to try contacting them. Near impossible to get through. Phoning numerous times every hour their lines were constantly busy and they do not give you the option of waiting in a queue (I think if it is above a certain volume). From about 20th Feb (after discovering it was with EE not Nokia) to today Tues 5th Feb I was only able to get through twice. I must have called them in excess of 100 times.

    The two occasions I did get through I was greeted with incompetence. Unhelpful in all respects. The second time I got through the lady over the phone basically lied to me. She told me that the problems I had listed in the report were fixed and that it would be dispatched by the end of the day. This was Thurs 31st Jan and I received it today Tues 5th Feb. 6 days to post within the UK? I'd already waited over 3 weeks so what the **** what's another couple days on top. I was reassured that the handset would not leave the repair centre without the repairs being addressed and if it didn't pass their strict quality control standards.

    Went to EE Leicester after work this evening Tues 5th Feb and things just didn't go to plan. At the first instance I had problems with the manner in which I was dealt with but we soon made amends and this leads me to THE MAIN PROBLEM.

    After waiting over 3 weeks to get my phone back from repair I was shocked and utterly disappointed as soon as I laid my eyes on it. Same bulge and gap in the body, same sinking screen, same light leakage, different dust in the FFC and with added extras i.e. scratches and dents around bezel and edge of body. And of all the things for them to repair they stopped the creaking!

    Was offered unacceptable solutions, the only acceptable solution in my eyes is to get a brand new handset from back store. I bought the phone especially for its camera performance (which I'm lukewarm about anyway and I swear is producing softer shots post repair) with the intent of bringing it on holiday to take some beautiful shots.

    After waiting 3 weeks for a repair where the faults weren't addressed and it came back in worse condition than when it was sent.

    The first solution was to leave the phone there and have it sent back to the repair centre. No way was I giving my phone back to them. It would probably come back with a cracked screen.

    Second was to take it up with Nokia. So Nokia what can you do for me? Will I get a new phone by 23rd Feb so I can take it on holiday with me where I will be proposing to my girlfriend???

    Please help me

    Also forget to mention that the metal Nokia camera plate on the back is not flush with the body. I don't know if this is bad design but the raised lip is annoying when holding it in hand.
    02-06-2013 03:03 PM
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    Only thing that will make this better is, she says yes! Good luck!
    02-06-2013 04:17 PM
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    Ive been with Orange and O2 for years and had numerous devices and all sorts of issues. Best to call them and get through to retentions either 150 or 07973100150 then option 1, enter your number, then option 4, then option 2. The people on the end of the line have better customer service and over the years ive never been put through to a call centre where i need to explain myself several times. They will help, make them laugh and ask for a freebie as they have the power to give you a better deal. As for Nokia, write a letter/email to Stehpen Elop the CEO, have a dig around for the address in Espoo Finland. The office of CEO's have a special complaints procedure which gets things sorted fast and efficiently. Few yrears ago I had Virgin Media BB cable installed, took the monkeys 3 months, I got fed up and wrote a threatening email to the CEO, got a call the next day from his office and day after had 3 engineers at the door and got 12 months free! Ask and you shall recieve, threaten and you will recieve more :P
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    02-06-2013 05:35 PM

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