1. Mark Bloom's Avatar
    Hey guys,
    So i have been searching around these forums and the internet for a while trying to resolve my issue. So far no good :( Whenever i receive a mms, i click on the "get media content" link and then it says its getting media content and then nothing happens. sometimes it returns to its normal state and then other times it just remains on "getting media content..." . I got the access point app and tried clicking around and testing the waters but it still is stuck on "getting media content..." I even reset the phone multiple times. Please help me! Oh yeah, im on AT&T by the way and switched from the IPhone 4 to the lumia back in december and didnt have problems with this previously.
    02-10-2013 02:16 PM
  2. crav4speed's Avatar
    Do you have data off? MMS will not download if data is turned off in settings.
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    02-10-2013 02:50 PM
  3. MDak280's Avatar
    As crav4speed said, make sure data is on. I had a similar problem with MMS when I first got my Lumia 920. I thought that since I don't have a data plan for internet service then turning data off won't affect anything, but data does need to be turned on for MMS to work.
    02-10-2013 02:54 PM
  4. Mark Bloom's Avatar
    Data connection is on, i have the 3 gb plan and i have tried toggling it off and on cause i heard that was a possible solution.
    02-10-2013 02:58 PM
  5. MDak280's Avatar
    Oh, that's strange. Which access point are you connected to, and have you tried adding your own MMS settings?
    02-10-2013 03:02 PM
  6. Etyrnus's Avatar
    Do you have at least a 3g connection? I know if you have a weak signal or aren't on at least a 3g connection that will happen.
    02-10-2013 03:08 PM
  7. Mark Bloom's Avatar
    Thanks for the quick replies. I appreciate it a lot. I downloaded the access points app and toggled between those settings. I also have tried adding my own apn.
    I have LTE connection and wifi connection currently and it won't get the media content.
    02-10-2013 03:21 PM
  8. VegaNovus's Avatar
    Hi Mark, I had this problem on my unlocked 820 and there was no easy fix to be honest. What I actually done was call my network provider for the Windows Phone APN settings, I then entered them into the access point app manually and received an MMS instantly.

    Every now and again it still doesn't automatically download it, but its MUCH better than before.

    Type this in google and find the link to the 3uk page
    "Manually setting up a non-Three phone for the Three network."
    02-10-2013 03:33 PM
  9. MDak280's Avatar
    That's strange, I'm not sure what's going on. Did you try contacting AT&T or Nokia? I suggest going to nokia.com > support > contact us and at the bottom of that page there's an option for chatting with a Nokia CSR. You can also call if you want. Actually, I just checked and the live chat/calling options are down on weekends so you would have to wait until tomorrow or try contacting AT&T.

    Edit: Btw, is your phone from AT&T or is it unlocked? If it's from AT&T then Nokia and AT&T should be able to help. If not, then I don't know.
    02-10-2013 03:38 PM
  10. Mark Bloom's Avatar
    Hey guys,
    I will call att tomorrow and try to figure this out. Thank you for the help. Veganovus, i am a little confused with the 3uk page you told me to visit. I went onto the site and the APN settings they have seem like it is for a provider in the UK or something? I am a little unclear on what those settings are.
    MDak280, my phone is purchased through AT&T so i guess it is locked. Ill give them a call and update this thread just in case anyone else has this same problem.
    02-11-2013 01:50 AM
  11. VegaNovus's Avatar
    Mark I'm so sorry lol
    I was reading 2 forum posts at the same time and got confused with the carriers.

    Twist: on Tech APN Settings for Build Lumia 920s on AT&T — Plus Internet Sharing Workaround
    02-13-2013 04:29 AM

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