1. hf423's Avatar
    Is it not possible to transfer data with the USB cord the phone came with?

    I have a Macbook pro, and when I plug the phone in, it says I have no photos or video.

    Called AT&T and they said I need to sign up for a Skydrive, and I did that, but it's an extra step and a bit unnecessary.

    If I'm out and about and need to free up space on my phone by transferring video to my comp, I don't want to have to worry about finding
    some WIFI area.

    I don't know, it just seems unnecessary. With my iPod I can just plug the $&%* thing in and transfer it in less than a second.

    Nothing seems to be going well with this thing.
    I tried downloading a game earlier using both a WIFI connection, and it kept shooting out different errors.
    I looked it up on some Nokia forum, and apparently I have to go into my router and change my DNS server configuration settings?

    It seems like every time you want to do something with this phone, you either have to sign up for a new account, mess with other devices' settings,
    etc. etc. Took me 30 minutes to take off the crap I didn't need, and another 2 hours to find the things I did need. Like a clock/stopwatch and a calculator.

    I guess I sort of knew this was going to happen before I bought it, though.
    02-10-2013 04:58 PM
  2. rajkumr's Avatar
    You can use the USB to copy songs, documents, ringtones and pictures.

    One your phone is connected, it acts as a USB drive. And its the default behavior.

    Its probably a faulty cable or something to do,with your mac.

    Try plugging it into another computer.
    hf423 likes this.
    02-10-2013 05:01 PM
  3. hf423's Avatar
    Alright, good to know. I guess I'll start looking for the positives.
    02-10-2013 05:07 PM
  4. rajkumr's Avatar
    No problem. Enjoy your 920😉
    02-10-2013 05:15 PM
  5. T Moore's Avatar
    AT&T missed the boat. You should be using Windows Phone app for Mac.
    Windows Phone app for Mac | Windows Phone 8 | Windows Phone How-to | Windows Phone (United States)
    02-10-2013 07:44 PM

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