1. Myclevername's Avatar
    My data is crawling at .21 Mbs both up and down. I downloaded and populated the Access Point app from Nokia and then deleted the other settings from the CELLULAR settings. There are about 20 different settings I have read about on here and I'm about to throw my phone against the wall....and don't even get me started about customer service from Net10...omg...they make me miss calling India. Anyhow...here are the settings I have loaded in my phone. I added a new Access Point and named it Net10...the 3 preloaded settings of ATT 3G, ATT LTE1 Lumia and ATT LTE2 Lumia do not work and they won't let me edit them....so here are the settings I loaded for the NEt10 access point I created...
    Data Type = default
    Internet APN settings...
    Access point name = wap.tracfone
    Username = Net10 (does a capital N make a difference?)
    Password = blank
    Proxy address = blank
    Proxy port = blank
    Network type = IPv4
    Authentication type = none

    MMS APN settings...
    MMS access point name = wap.tracfone
    Username = Net10
    Password = blank
    Proxy address =
    Proxy port = 80
    MMSC address = http://mmsc.cingular.com
    Network type = IPv4
    Authentication type = none

    those are the settings I have and my data works but it is SLOW SLOW SLOW...can anyone recommend anything to speed it up? I have been reading the threads and changing fields but nothing makes my data faster and some of the proxy settings actually kill all my data...I even called Net10 and asked if they were throttling me...and the answer was NO....so, any help based on the settings above, is GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!
    02-10-2013 06:14 PM
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    If you use NET10 with your windows phone (or a Samsung S4) here are the NEW APN settings. Net 10 has changed them in the last few weeks. They changed mine today. It took me over 4 hours to figure this out. DO NOT CALL Net 10 customer support they are too stupid to help anyone. If their prices was not 1/2 the price of At&t i would not use them. Well here is the APN settings that will make your internet & your MMS settings work:
    Lets start with the internet first:
    (name) (must be LARGE letters) NET10
    APN = tfdata (must be small letters)
    that is it, do not add or post anything else in your internet APN settings!

    Now lets do the MMS settings:
    name (must be all Large letters) NET10
    category= MMS
    MMSC= http://mms-tf.net
    APN= tfdata
    Proxy address = (must be in small letters) mms3.tracfone.com
    Proxy domain = mms-tf.net
    Proxy Port = 80

    Ok like i said i spent over 4 hours trying to figure out these "New" Apn settings for Net10. I hope this will save you some time! Like i said Please do not waste your time calling NET10 they are complete idiots when it comes to this!! Have a great day!!!
    02-23-2014 12:06 AM

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