1. TaichiSurface's Avatar
    Anyone thinks that this event Microsoft will release some major announcement for WP8? is it going to be enough? as of now let's not kidding ourselve...WP8 is very different from other mobile OS but not enough to win them over...MS should really use this event to show they're serious about this platform otherwise I don't even know why i'm still sticking with this..
    02-15-2013 05:32 PM
  2. dkp23's Avatar
    For the mass market? probably not, nothing groundbreaking.

    I dont think they will be announcing a notification center or any improvements to skype at MWC, if they do, all they will do is announce it and it wont be available until fall.
    02-15-2013 05:52 PM
  3. jabtano's Avatar
    I think that both Microsoft and Nokia have to come up big. After the Skype debacle today. I'm starting to be a little less enthused of late. It doesn't matter what Nokia does most people wont be getting one. the exclusive thing to one carriers does hurt the OS. I mean only have the only high end WP8 device locked on one carrier in the states, The OS is still lacking against what Android can do and the number of high end choices on any carrier.
    02-15-2013 05:53 PM
  4. rockstarzzz's Avatar
    02-15-2013 06:16 PM
  5. jdhooghe's Avatar
    With MS's support lately, no. Nokia is the only partner that brings anything. HTC has done **** for the platform as a whole
    02-15-2013 06:32 PM
  6. lipper2000's Avatar
    From what I've heard, MS will have no announcements themselves at MWC...I'm a bit off put at that....Nokia will release new phones I'm pretty sure...

    I love what MS have done in the past 2 years and love WP8 but I'm starting to get the impression that MS is a bit of a mess internally...they need to be updating WP8 constantly with small iterations...so many promises they have made that have not come to fruition...remember Joe telling us that they would release beta-versions for enthusiasts before approval from the phone companies? Many more as well...

    Crossing my fingers...I personally need VPN for work...
    02-15-2013 07:36 PM

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