1. WanderingTraveler's Avatar
    The one thing I really noticed about the wireless charging accessories Nokia makes is that there's not one charger that's actually portable, or battery-powered.

    Well, are there any portable wireless chargers out there?
    Because, it can really be done.
    02-20-2013 06:39 AM
  2. Fredrik Tennberg's Avatar
    The one thing I really noticed about the wireless charging accessories Nokia makes is that there's not one charger that's actually portable, or battery-powered.

    Well, are there any portable wireless chargers out there?
    Because, it can really be done.
    Well why would anyone need this? I can't see the reason anyone would want a portable wireless charger. Just seems kind of pointless.
    02-20-2013 06:52 AM
  3. Keith Wallace's Avatar
    Am I the only one who reads this question as "why is there no wireless wireless charger?" I mean, how do you charge THAT? Do you want a wireless charger for that as well? How many things do you want to wirelessly charge things? I mean, I think what you're thinking of is an external battery cover or something. A BETTER request (or at least one I won't read in a silly manner) is the ability to remove the back and get higher-capacity batteries, or at least secondary ones for those who need them.
    02-20-2013 07:01 AM
  4. SnailUK's Avatar
    Being that the voltage/ampage of the QI devices i've seen is pretty much perfect for in car charging, i'm supprised there are no wireless car chargers.

    But portable? If you are out and about, i'm sure a wired connection is the way to go.
    02-20-2013 07:08 AM
  5. perspicatio's Avatar
    Does the OP mean charge off a laptop? Or Battery pack?

    Thinking back to my Physics undergrad days, I suspect the induction coil requires more voltage/current than could be provided by a USB source. But a car battery should do it through an inverter.

    The other point to bear in mind is efficiency. Induction charging is less efficient and slower than cable charging. An induction battery pack would drain more quickly and charge the phone more slowly than taking the 2 second effort of plugging it in. So if you're traveling and need to charge quickly, it defeats the object.
    02-20-2013 09:31 AM
  6. ttsoldier's Avatar
    02-20-2013 09:46 AM
  7. tehkei's Avatar
    Is the power transmitted by wireless charging enough to keep the phone charged while using navigation? seems like it would suck power faster than it could charge it.
    02-20-2013 03:05 PM
  8. duncan0622's Avatar
    In last las vegas show, a QI charger debuted that you can wirelessly in-charge it. But when you uses it to charge your phone, it still does it through USB cable.
    02-20-2013 03:42 PM
  9. uselessrobot's Avatar
    The point of the wireless charger is that you just drop it on the pad and it charges. It's exist for convenience, so you don't have to mess with a plug every time you need to charge your phone.

    However, if you're traveling you take your USB cord and plug with you. You're just wasting luggage space if you're packing the wireless charger.

    As wireless charging becomes more ubiquitous then you won't need cables or charging pads at all. But the technology isn't there yet.
    02-20-2013 03:44 PM
  10. pavvento's Avatar
    I can kind of see the point for this. This would kind of be like the iPhone cases that serve as a battery pack also, but instead of putting a bulky case on it you can just put your phone on it. I can see it being a good last resort. It would have to hold its battery life real well when not used. I could see myself keeping it in my bag and if I need a power up when I'm not near an outlet using that. I used to have one of those AA battery charged micro USB ports but they broke way too easily.
    02-20-2013 05:11 PM
  11. pjs37's Avatar
    At first I was like "Wait, what?" but when I think about it, it is in fact a very valid question. If for example you use the Nokia Wireless Charging stand you may rely on it as a bedside alarm clock since it has that feature when you set it up to work with NFC. If you travel the only piece missing is the cradle with NFC. I could envision a portable folding wireless stand that would foldout into a cradle so you can continue to use it as an alarm clock when travelling be compact enough to slip into a pouch on your bag when travelling. The Pads work nicely but they do not have the advantages of the stand but that size would be fairly portable.
    02-20-2013 08:12 PM
  12. conanheath's Avatar
    When and if Nokia gets iPhone sales figures you might see one. I don't really see the point. If I'm traveling, I grab wired charger anyway. Smaller and does just as good. Or I just grab cable and charge off laptop. Plus, you still have to have a charger for the charger. Really don't see any purpose and manufactures haven't either.
    02-20-2013 08:41 PM
  13. WanderingTraveler's Avatar
    I want one because I'd like to have something charge in my bag :)
    And, I'd want to keep the microUSB port open.

    I learned that the hard way on my old phone.
    I was charging it in my bag, and it was sandwiched between my stuff (i.e. HARDBOUND books), and when I opened it, the microUSB was snapped in two, and it was stuck in the microUSB port.

    Lesson learned: Do NOT charge a phone using the port while in your bag
    Laura Knotek likes this.
    02-21-2013 06:32 AM
  14. laurijowen's Avatar
    There is a huge need for a portable, batter-powered charging device for cells in the professional community. Be nice to see one.
    03-27-2014 10:15 PM
  15. jjag520's Avatar
    03-27-2014 10:35 PM

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