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    Right, just been onto Orange. Asking if a 64 min call is covered under my inclusive minutes - just checking (you know how free calls on a landline, do or used to, have a 59 minute maximum call time) Anyhow, the guy told me that it I could spend all my minutes on one call, however it didn't cover calls to landlines ... then he clarified that landlines were covered. Phew.

    Anyhow, for the misinformation, he offered me a different Orange package - unlimited calls, still get 1 swappable - on the 920 deezer is the only one of the 2 swappables available that is worth getting anyway!!, 500 MB (got 750 at the mo, but as I use wireless most of the time I don't think that will be an issue). I guess my question is, was that just to easy for there not be something I'm missing?!! It's the same price 31/mth .... Anyone had the same happen for a minor, and rectified quickly issue??

    Edit - appears to be 3 swappables available on the Lumia 920, according to orange.co.uk (Navigon for those interested!)

    Still just really interested to see if I've been conned into thinking changing from Panther to 'The Works' was as good an idea as it sounded!!
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