1. ngilbert89's Avatar
    Is there anybody else with the lumia 920 that is having a problem when making a phone call you can hear the contact clearly but they can not hear you that well? just wondering is its a software or hardware issue.
    03-15-2013 12:25 PM
  2. conanheath's Avatar
    Try holding the phone closer to mouth. And no, I'm not being a smart. I've noticed if I get more than 3-4" away from mouth people complain. Closer the better. Try it on speaker phone too. On speaker you can get about 3' away and not have issues. Just to confirm if it is a hardware issue.

    Also, I want to say I remember reading about the noise cancelling software causing problems????? Might search here or maybe someone can confirm or deny.
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    03-15-2013 12:53 PM
  3. osmanyurdasal's Avatar
    i have a same problem with htc 8x.do you have any solution?
    04-21-2013 02:55 AM
  4. miodrage's Avatar
    AS I see, it is just for the first 3-5 secs of the conversation, after that everything is ok. Knowing this I am now used to put my hand over my mouth and the microphone, so the hearer can hear me loud and vlear. After a few secs, i can put my hand away, and everything is cool.
    04-21-2013 06:17 AM

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