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    Hi everyone, having some serious issues lately where I cannot send SMS's to certain people! I have noticed this was after the update. As I have been searching on the net I came to notice that the people I couldn't SMS have an extra digit. I can call them however! So for example (I am in Australia btw) a number reads 0411112345 (that is a random number) however for international it should read +61411112345 however my phone has combined the both so it reads currently on my phone as +610411112345 hence the extra digit! I have tried countless time to change it manually on my phone by editing and it will ONLY allow me to edit the hotmail account number which doesn't even change the number so I am still stuck with the extra digit! I don't know how to change it otherwise or to delete my hotmail contacts? What other approaches do I have left?

    Thanks in advance,
    03-27-2013 06:38 AM
  2. markfive's Avatar
    Hi Alex

    Can you check in Settings > system > language and region that you have the correct regional settings?

    Also worth looking in Phone settings (go to your dialling history and hit ... for the menu, then select settings) so see whether International Assist is turned on or off.

    Is the extra 0 only inserted when you try to send an SMS? So the number is stored in the contact record as +61411112345? Or is the number in the contact record also incorrect?

    Cheers, Mark

    PS. Welcome to WPCentral!
    03-27-2013 07:42 AM
  3. AlexH88's Avatar
    Hi Mark,

    I have checked my region settings and they are correct. As for my International Assist, it is on. Does this change how it is stored?
    No, it has been stored incorrectly! Which I know that I didn't do it as it was working previously, only after the updates it has done this and I am unable to manually change it.

    Thank you!

    03-27-2013 02:23 PM
  4. AlexH88's Avatar
    Ok I have FINALLY figured out the issue!!! It was my Skype! Anyone that I had as a contact on Skype was changing my numbers to add the '0' so I deleted the program altogether as I could not be bothered to tamper with it's settings in case something went wrong! YAY finally!
    03-28-2013 03:35 AM
  5. markfive's Avatar
    Well spotted, there does seem to be some preference for Skype numbers when contacts are merged. Not seen it personally because hardly any of my Skype contacts have numbers!
    AlexH88 likes this.
    03-28-2013 07:36 AM

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