1. aaronchow's Avatar
    Just curious, I updated to 1308 firmware yesterday, and when I tried to take some pictures today, it worked fine for the first time. But when I turned it off and turned it on later to snap another picture, all i am seeing is a green screen (my phone isn't showing the view finder). A soft-reset solves the issue, but the "green screen" issues happened couple of times to me.

    I plan to reset my phone later this weekend, but i want to see if others are having the same issue as i do? Thanks.
    03-29-2013 10:04 PM
  2. scnmip's Avatar
    maybe its a hardware issue. you can bring it to nokia care center
    03-30-2013 05:12 AM
  3. Volchonokilli's Avatar
    It's old rary problem. I had it once. Just reboot your phone, and it will gone.
    03-30-2013 05:14 AM

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