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    I have had my 920 since day one in Canada. I love the operating system as it just feels sooo nice to use not to mention awesome features. I wanted to post this thread to tell everyone about the horrible experience I have had the the handset itself.

    3 weeks after my purchase the earpiece produced a huge amount of static to the point at which I could not understand the person on the other line. At the same time I noticed that some large component was loose inside. Also the top of the phone was becoming loose as if it was not glued properly. Keep in mind that I am a person that takes care of their things(have ghost armor and a case on the phone and have never dropped). I decided to send the phone out through Rogers to get it fixed. After a horrible 3 weeks I get it back and only the earpiece was fixed, the loose component and top of the phone was still a problem. So I decided to send it out yet again on the same day i got it back. When I got it back the second time the loose component was secured but the top was still loose.

    A month after these repairs, the earpiece started to produce static again. Not only that, but the phone started to overheat, freeze, battery lasted for two hours at times and there was another loose component inside the phone which I assumed was the battery. On top of that the top of the phone has become unattached even more and the bottom has started doing the same thing.

    After much contemplation and complaining to Rogers the best I could get was a new handset if and ONLY if I signed up for a two year contract. Being a student that shelled out $550 for the phone for a monthly plan this kind of sucked. Either way I am glad I could somehow get a new handset without paying anything, but I am very disappointed at the lemon I got in the first place. I hope the new unit will help me regain my trust in Nokia and possible future purchases of their new windows phone 8 devices.
    04-04-2013 11:48 PM

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