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    So I downloaded the Superman costume from the marketplace through the Xbox hub on my phone. I paid my MS points, it downloaded and I wore it without issues.

    Last night I entered the Xbox hub to find my avatar wearing jeans, runners and a blue generic default t-shirt. Odd I thought. So I went to the avatar editor on my phone to change my outfit back. Surprisingly the Superman outfit was already selected. I changed my outfit to something and went back to the Superman costume and the same problem. So I went into the marketplace from my phone and browsed the Injustice costumes. All costume previews displayed correctly except the Superman costume. It displayed it the marketplace as that blue Xbox power button t-shirt.

    Re-downloading made no difference either. What's even more odd is my avatar on the actual live tile still wears the costume and my avatar on my Xbox console is also wearing the costume. I attempted to switch to my old Captain America t-shirt which also displayed as the Xbox t-shirt.

    Anyone experience this?

    EDIT: I've added pics to show you the issue. You can see the outfit in the marketplace store in one pic. The other pic is what occurs when I try to either preview the costume or wear it.
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