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    Hello everyone. I would like some input form wp user here.

    I am a long time IOS user who wanted to get out form ISO. For me i not the app person as i don't use that much app even in ios for almost 4 year.
    after read the wpcentral i start to really like WP. In fact i already convent my mom to update her nokia feather phone to Nokia Lumia. she chose 620 (even thought i really wanted her to get 720).

    For my problem i been waiting for lumia 920 for almost 7 months as the official nokia say they will have it next week or start of May. (dam)
    By now there are other phone like sony xperia z and HTC one that come out on paper are out spec the 920.
    but after handle and compare sony xperia Z and 920 (grey import(expensive as hell)) in shop i still prefer the 920 over xperia z. (not yet HTC one)

    my question
    how the phone perform in real life and heavy gaming like asphalt 7 ?
    how the sound quality form the load spaker and head phone compare to htc?
    how long dose the wireless charger take for phone to fully change ?

    Thank guy.
    04-23-2013 03:53 PM