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    The Main Issue:
    Yesterday I couldn't get music to play through my phone. I kept getting the 'can't confirm usage rights' message. I was not able to stream music either. I was however able to download music, so it recognized my subscription was valid. It would play music I owned that I added to it via PC/USB. It wouldn't even play music I deleted and redownloaded via Xbox music.

    First Responder: (Xbox Music Chat Support)
    I used Xbox Music chat support to try and resolve the issue. After them removing my device from my account, multiple reboots, changing the date on my phone to advance a week I was told the only fix is to hard reset. Ugg... hard reset a Lumia 920, W/probable gears of death...? This is the only fix to a DRM issue via Xbox Music? This was not acceptable to me. Months worth of Game data lost, the loss of basically a day of my life restoring a NORMAL PHONE. I "politely requested "<-- (Actual words used in support chat ) compensation for my loss of time and this was based on a simple working hard reset and restore process. I was told and I quote " I politely reject the unrealistic demand" This pretty much set me over the edge. I immediately requested to speak to his supervisor. He told me I would be contacted with in 48 hours. I saved the chat and awate to be contacted.

    Likely Cause:
    I was told by Xbox Music chat support that the likely cause was me advancing the time/date of the phone manually. I was testing the game " My Country " (community sim game) Yes, by advancing the clock it does complete projects instantly. If this is accurate in my opinion this is a terrible glitch. To not be able to correct it by any other means then a hard reset is not acceptable for the correct level of customer support deserving a $106 subscription service. The support agent told me it was just the nature of DRM.

    The Fix Pt.1:
    Simple, went to 'About' in the settings and proceeded to hard reset. Several hours later of TURNING GEARS... I realized my phone was effectively toast. FAIL!!!

    Second Responder & The FIx Pt.2:
    The next move was a trip to AT&T corporate store. I was greeted by the manager and immediately taken to the service center connected to the store. Funny as it may be there was another person with a white L920 in there with Gears Of Death too. The AT&T support staff was amazing. I told them I was there on my lunch break and they wasted no time getting me a refurb that appeared to be in perfect condition. Took about 10 minutes to get it transfered to my account. My issues appeared to be corrected, and by all means the support staff at AT&T exceeded my expectations. However...

    The Aftermath, The Sh!^ Storm:
    When I was handed the phone to sign in with my Microsoft account it kept rejecting my entry stating the phone's date was not correct. I had to skip the initial sign in period to get the date/time correct. By doing so I missed my opportunity to " Restore" my back-up. Now I was left having to sign onto Windowsphone.com to confirm my purchase history; and manually add my apps back. Upon using the purchase history I quickly discovered it was not accurate. There was two apps "SkyMap" and "Flightradar24" I recently had paid for and they did not show up on my purchase history anywhere. I went all the way back to 11/8/10 when I first added Netflix to my samsung focus. I download that UFC app once, ever, and deleted it. Every time I clicked 'More' at the bottom it showed me that UFC app and a different date. There was an app called RunPee that was free when first released, it wont let me get it back for free, it wants me to pay. I haven't been able to restore my phone completely of the apps I had yet.

    THE NEW ISSUE, Same Storm:

    My new/refurbished Lumia 920 even after updating it via over the air update seems to be missing features the phone I turned in had. Namely, under Music in settings I use to have 3 slide bars for 3 different features to be turned on or off. 1. Connect with Xbox 2. Xbox Music cloud collection 3. Display music being played on Xbox. Now I only have the first two options. I installed smart glass incase it caused the extra feature I noticed to be placed in settings, it didn't change anything.
    My current OS version is 8.0.10211.204 and Firmware revision is 1232.5962.1314.0001. No available updates.

    Bottom Line:
    My issue in theory started with myself changing my time/date on my phone. I however believe it is unrealistic for someone to have to hard reset their phone to fix a DRM issue caused by improper software management. Especially when the restore feature is so lack lustered. No app data is carried over, and if you don't restore at a precise moment with a phone you miss opportunity completely. The tone the Xbox music support agent took with me is not excusable!! He is a major reason Im sharing this story. The other reason it so others don't play with their phones time/date while using Xbox Music subscription. AT&T did a great job taking care of me and getting me out of their shop asap so I could return to work. Nokia still needs to figure out how to fix their Hard Reset Issue. Their support of their phones has been very impressive, regarding quick fixes and updates. I hope no one else has to experience any part of this story.

    Thanks for reading!!
    05-20-2013 12:57 PM
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    the time settings aren't unique to Windows Phone, same things happen with shared drives in Windows / Windows Server if you do not have the time synced up properly.

    On the third option to connect with Xbox Live, have you downloaded your profile yet to Xbox Games? I would assume the smartglass app would have done it, but just check to make sure your Gamertag has been downloaded in Games
    05-20-2013 01:37 PM

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