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    my aunt ordered a cyan 920 from amazon wireless and upon receiving the phone today the color looks nothing like the cyan that is shown in the product images and the pics all over the web since this phone was announced and shown in the cyan color. oddly, at&t's site shows the cyan (not the clickable color swatch as that is cyan but the actual view of the phone) to look more like a bright royal blue (same color as what my aunt received) as opposed to the cyan color that's in the product views on amazon itself and elsewhere all over the web. has anyone else received a "cyan" lumia 920 that looks more just like a regular bright blue and not the more teal/turquoise looking cyan? has anyone else witnessed this first hand? if she were to return it do you think she would get one that actually IS cyan or would just get another blue one?
    05-23-2013 03:26 PM
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    Hmm, that's strange. The way you're describing it, it sounds more like a California Blue HTC 8X.
    05-23-2013 03:34 PM
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    here is an example:

    Nokia Lumia 920 - Matte Cyan cell phone from AT&T

    if cyan isn't the color selected, select it and compare the swatch to the actual color of the rotatable 360 degree render. the swatch and the phone look nothing alike. i've seen pictures of this phone in someone's hand, which i'll post below, that look like the swatch, whereas my aunt received a phone that's the color of the rotatable 3D render of the Lumia at the above link.

    here is the color she was expecting:

    this pic and the color i've shown above/described look nothing alike.

    here is the product page at amazon:


    this is the color she was expecting but instead it looks like that weird 3D render in the first link
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    05-23-2013 03:47 PM

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