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    So I'm having some trouble with my 920. The proximity sensor must have some dust & now the screen is on whenever I'm on the phone. The other problem seems to be the accelerometer - it'll stick so it won't rotate any more. The only way to get it working again is to tap the back a few times & it'll eventually start working again.

    I got a SIM unlock code from ATT the other day - so now I'm wondering if I was to send it in for service, what would happen with that? I can't imagine Nokia would send me an unlocked one, but ATT told me they'll only give me two more unlocks this year. It also raises another question - if I had already cancelled ATT & moved to T-Mobile (as I'm planning on doing), but sent the phone in for service, how would I get it unlocked ever? ATT wouldn't have any record of that IMEI on any account.

    Although since word on the street is that ATT will just replace a 920 with the gears screen post-reset in store, perhaps that's the best option.

    Perhaps it's time to sell both of these & just buy a pair of 925s...
    06-03-2013 01:49 PM
  2. tbonecopper's Avatar
    Try going thru at&t directly, either over the phone or an device repair center. They have access to Clarify (one of the at&t billing systems) in-store, and can see your request for a SIM Unlock (and it's grant). If they replace your handset with a locked one, you should be able to persuade them, based on the warranty and your previous unlock to unlock a new one.

    However, you may also be able to persuade AT&T To unlock it after you get a replaced/repaired device from Nokia's care center. YMMV on that.

    If you get the right rep at AT&T, and you're very nice and thoughtful in the explanation of your situation, they are generally rather forgiving.
    06-03-2013 09:59 PM

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