1. IndieAdmirer's Avatar
    Hey guys! So I've been wanting the 920 to use on T-Mobile for a while (yeah, I know the 925 is coming, but it doesn't come in red so sadly, its a no deal for me). I found a person selling a 920 for a reasonable price on craigslist, only problem is it isnt unlocked and the person who I'd be buying it from actually bought it from another person so he doesn't know how to unlock it. The question I had is if you need the original owner of the 920's info (like phone number, account name/info, etc) to unlock the device off of AT&T? Or could I just buy it locked and try to get it unlocked even without the info of the original owner? Sorry if this is totally confusing or too much to read. Thanks guys!
    06-05-2013 07:40 PM
  2. z33dev33l's Avatar
    Not at all, either use a service or call, explain it to att and fgive them the imei. I did the second and had it unlocked no problem.
    06-05-2013 08:02 PM
  3. jesserrod's Avatar
    Verify the imei with att to make sure there are no charges associated with the account that phone was on. Don't want to buy a blocked phone. Found that out the hard way a few yrs ago
    06-05-2013 08:27 PM
  4. nikhilr51's Avatar
    Better be cheap since you can get a brand new unlocked 920 for $388 off amazon.
    06-06-2013 02:42 AM
  5. IndieAdmirer's Avatar
    Well it turns out the guy was a fake (found out when I asked for a different angle of the phone and he absolutely refused to send a picture of the new angle). Guess he somehow had pictures of a red 920 that looked like he took them. Maybe I'll go on ebay and try my luck there. Thanks for the help though.
    06-06-2013 01:28 PM

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