1. lumia011's Avatar
    i am thinking of buying tripod with adapter holder for my lumia 920. The holder is designed that can hold the phone only upside down - buttons on the bottom. When you take a regular photo in that position (buttons on the bottom) the photo comes okay (no need to rotate), although the camera is "upside down". Here is the problem - I want to make photos with timer and I tried I think all photo-timer apps. They are all okay except that when photo is taken with upside down phone, the photo comes upside down as well. This is not visible on the phone/everything looks fine, but when I send photos to my desktop, they are upside down and it is annoying to rotate them all the time. Am I missing something, or this is a flow of all photo-timer apps? do you have a recommendation for some other adapter/holder that can hold the phone in a normal position without pressing the buttons? thanks!
    06-22-2013 05:20 PM
  2. Daniel Ratcliffe's Avatar
    While I don't know any other holders I aren't sure what is causing this. Maybe try reaching out to developers and asking them what's causing it? Maybe they aren't aware of the bug and will try and fix it for you. Some devs are great like that! :D
    06-25-2013 03:37 PM

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