1. danish soomro's Avatar
    My phone is water damaged. I put in rice of bag and turned it. It turned on for a bit and then shut off since then its not turning on. My auto backup was ON but I dont see any videos in my sky drive.

    Is there anyway I can get my videosss.. they were so important :(. I tried hard reset didnt work. I connect with the laptop NOP..

    I would really appreciate any help.

    07-03-2013 02:32 PM
  2. UWbadgers16's Avatar
    If the phone is for sure toast, and you can't sell it or anything else, you might try opening the phone up and snagging the microSD chip from it. Then you could try accessing it from a regular computer.
    07-03-2013 04:25 PM
  3. gapost's Avatar
    I'm guessing you didn't have video uploads to SkyDrive turned on. I think it is turned off by default. But yeah, maybe you can get the card out of the phone.
    07-03-2013 04:36 PM
  4. barareklam's Avatar
    maybe hard reset is not a good alternative if you want to save videos. It kind a erase Everything I Think.
    07-04-2013 10:26 AM
  5. johninsj's Avatar
    my videosss.. they were so important :(.
    Why don't people copy stuff off their phones that is so important? Why? WHY???

    If your phone is dead, it's dead. You could try various hardware horrors to remove the chips with the videos, but unless they are IMPOSSIBLE to not have, the cost is probably not worth it.

    If you are in the category of "must have it, at any cost" then start looking into companies like this Cell Phone Data Recovery Services

    Be sure to have your credit card handy.
    07-04-2013 10:30 AM
  6. rdubmu's Avatar
    Worst case, let it dry out more. Maybe it isn't powering on because the battery is dead. I would wait to try this as there still might be water or condensation inside your phone. Next step is I would call a Microsoft store to see if they can help. They might be able to recover your videos for a fee (probably $100). Last step is to take your phone apart. Bad part about this is your memory card in the phone will only be read by a windows phone. It might try to reformat your card if you enter it into your computer.

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    07-04-2013 10:38 AM
  7. peterfares's Avatar
    There is no memory card inside, it's an eMMC chip soldered to the board. Why does everyone think there is a crappy slow microSD inside for the system?
    07-04-2013 11:55 AM
  8. DNTracy's Avatar
    Don't panic!

    I just got all the data from my COMPLETELY DROWNED 920. I turned it on after it got left in a rainstorm. The thing went nuts- only the backlights on the screen were working (LCD was shot), only one of the bottom buttons lit up (the back one) and would never turn off. The camera wouldn't work.

    Then I bought a used one with a cracked screen, and worked some magic. Got all my data. I'd be happy to help you get what you need. See my thread here:

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    11-28-2013 04:07 PM
  9. Games Goblin's Avatar
    If you've ever accidentally deleted videos from your digital camera's memory card – or even had them deliberately deleted by someone else, it can be easy to retrieve the lost image, provided you stop taking any additional videos.
    The OP's phone has been water damaged - he did not delete the videos from the phone

    DNTracy's suggestion will most probably work - after thoroughly drying out the phone, it may just need a new battery to start.
    12-12-2013 09:47 AM

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