1. Emloch's Avatar
    What I've noticed is that when my phone connects to my car (Hyundai Tucson) via bluetooth, the external speaker stops working on the phone. Meaning that if I get a text or email, my phone will not make any sound or even vibrate (I get no sound even from typing; nothing). I wonder if this is purposely done as a safety feature or if this is just a bug. Can anyone confirm this? As soon as my phone disconnects from my car, the sound kicks back in.

    Also, I have set the phone (through the Speech settings) to receive audio playback of text messages through a bluetooth device so I was hoping that they would play through my car (since it is a bluetooth device), however, this does not work. Can anyone confirm if their phone plays audio texts through their car?
    09-13-2013 09:44 AM
  2. daveakowalski's Avatar
    In my car, I pair my phone two separate ways to the car; there is a "Music" pair and a "Calling" pair, and both operate differently.

    The "Music" pair will allow me to listen to tunes, and having this paired, I also hear email/text notifications through my car speakers, with the caveat that my car stereo needs to be set to output the right input, which is the BT device. If I switch to say, terrestrial or XM radio for example, then yes, the behavior is exactly how you described it. In my experience, this is akin to having headphones plugged into your device, but pulling them out of your ears. The phone thinks to still push sounds through the headphones, but isn't going to be able to tell if you have them in your ears or not; similarly, the phone know that a BT pair is made to your car, but it doesn't know if the car is outputting the BT device or not.

    The "Calling" pair allows me to place and receive calls through my car, read and reply to messages (if enabled), and I still hear my text/email sounds out of the phone.

    You may want to see how your car is pairing the phone, or if both options are available, as each option provides a different set of features. If you have it BT paired to your car for music, turn your car stereo onto the BT input, otherwise you're playing notifications through headphones which aren't in your ears, so to speak. The only way around this, as far as I'm aware of, is to either turn off bluetooth, or if you, like me, want to turn the radio on, but still want to use calling and hear notifications through the phone itself, I will disconnect the "Music" pair and leave the "Calling" pair when my radio is not outputting my bluetooth device for media.

    Sorry this is complicated and convoluted, but I hope it provides some insight.
    09-13-2013 10:31 AM
  3. Emloch's Avatar
    Thank you. You've been very helpful. I do have my phone pushing both "Call" and "Music". I need to tune my car to "MP3" input to hear the music from my phone to my car. However, I don't use my phone to play music anyway. I use my "USB" input because my music is played through a memory stick.

    So it seems that to hear my text messages, I would have to tune into the MP3 input (which is not going to happen). It's too bad. I really wish the messages were pushed through the "Call" feature. Calls interrupt my music regardless of what input I'm tuned into, so it just makes sense that messages should work in the same manner. After all, isn't that the whole point of hands free driving?

    It's silly ,really. Thanks again!
    09-13-2013 11:41 AM
  4. Emloch's Avatar
    Do you know of anyway to stop Music pairing? I cannot find any option to do so. When I pair initially, the only option I have is to choose whether to import my contacts. I would really love the option to nullify the music pairing so as to stop my phone from being silent.
    09-13-2013 12:26 PM
  5. daveakowalski's Avatar
    Do you know of anyway to stop Music pairing? I cannot find any option to do so. When I pair initially, the only option I have is to choose whether to import my contacts. I would really love the option to nullify the music pairing so as to stop my phone from being silent.
    Absolutely; on your phone, if you go to settings > bluetooth, you should see a list of devices, as well as which are connected. You should be able to long press the music connection and select disconnect. At this point, the device should appear to be "not connected", but still appear in your BT connections list. If you want it back on you should be able to just tap the "not connected" music device and re-establish the connection.

    Hope this helps!
    09-13-2013 02:17 PM
  6. Emloch's Avatar
    Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to work. When my phone connects (through initial pairing or reconnecting) it automatically connects both music and calling. The only thing on my list is "Tucson" (my vehicle connection) and it states, in a small font, right underneath, (a sub-heading) what type of connections there are to the device . When I long press on my vehicle connection, the only option I have is to delete. It doesn't seem that I have any other option. It's all or none. And again, when I initially connect, my only option is whether or not I want to upload my contacts. Any other suggestions?

    You are a great help and I thank you for your time.
    09-16-2013 09:27 AM

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