09-25-2013 08:51 AM
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    I'm sorry you are having problems with it... However... I haven't met a person IRL (I know a few 920 owners) who has had any problems with them. Neither reception issues, battery issues or OS bugs.
    09-22-2013 06:42 AM
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    Change your two mail accounts from 15 and 30 minutes to As Items Arrive. I know that this sounds like it will use more battery, but it likely won't unless you really get mail more frequently than that throughout the day. The As Items Arrive settings means that the phone does not have to keep checking to see if there's new mail. Instead, it asks the server to let it know when something has happened in your mailbox and then -- only once it knows that there's new mail to get -- it connects to get mail.
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    09-22-2013 07:49 AM
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    Frustration is the only thing Im receiving from my Lumia 920. Its really unbelievable and unacceptable that we get treated by MS and Nokia this way. I've stuck it out and patiently waited for apps to be updated and for OS bugs to be squashed, and instead I get glance, and double tap -more features that use MORE battery. It seems like they really have their priorities screwed up.

    While waiting for my phone to be replaced at the ATT store I noticed that there was another person with a Lumia 920 frustrated at the phone because the proximity sensor wasn't working. If they are wondering why their phones arent selling well; this is why. Word of mouth is really all they have. Look at how many commercials were put out on the surface and compare that to how many products they sold. They actually had to do an Ebay fire sale to get the product to move off the shelves!

    After I got my refurbished phone, I noticed that the power and camera buttons were loose and worn out. The camera button was so pressed in that you could barely get it to activate when you tried to press on it. The ATT rep noticed that and went back in and got another refurbished phone. The buttons on the second one were in better shape but the Rep couldnt get the SIM card tray to open. The Rep got frustrated and went back and grabbed another one. This last one seemed like buttons were ok and she was able to remove the SIM card tray without a problem. Wonderful quality assurance, I wonder who oversees the refurb process?

    The rep Rep inserted my SIM card and we waited for the phone to do its normal boot up process. She tested phone calls and asked me if I wanted her to setup my live account. I kindly told her that I would do that later and that I was on my lunch break. So I left.

    When I got back to work I decided to only install the apps that I use on a day to day basis, without adding the respective accounts to the phone. Do you guys remember the commercial where they tested the speed of Windows Phone vs the competition, like the ability to tweet and post a facebook status?

    So the only apps I installed were WhatsApp, Facebook beta, Rowi and WP Central. I also added my Live account and Exchange Work account(one set to sync every 30 and the other every 15 minutes respectively). And since I have to conserve power I have Bluetooth, Wifi, NFC and Location Services turned OFF, I only turn Wifi on when I need to. The only Background process I have it Whatsapp. Ive also disabled Xbox Games and Xbox Music from the Settings Applications menu. To me that's pretty low key setup compared to how I normally set it up.

    My normal setup is to have both of my emails set to push and to set up Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin under Accounts, Wifi and Location ON and installing all of my apps (Viber, Skype, Skydrive, LinkedIN, SportsCenter, Chase, Wellsfargo, Bing Weather, Convert2Go, Creative Studio, Dominos Pizza, all the Synology Apps, Ebay, Endomondo, fhotoroom, flashlight-x, flixter, fotor, fresh paint, groupon, mytube, network tools, nokia music, pageonce, panorama, paypal, pdf reader, play to, proshot, redbox, refocus, smartshoot, sophielens pro, speedtest, uc browser, yelp).

    But since I have to conserve Battery or else my phone dies out in 4 to 5 hrs, Im handicapped on my experience (for now).

    The whole reason behind this is to try to find the motive for the excessive battery drain. My plan is to try the phone with these apps for couple of days and if I keep having the battery drain I will uninstall one app at a time until the drain stops. Again If I cant install apps because the phone cant take it or battery drains from us installing them then its no point to having Windows phone 8. If I get to the end of the trial and still have the battery drain well lets just say the Lumia will sit as a paper weight for a while.

    I really love this phone its a great interface, its fast, intuitive, but if you cant use it or take advantage of all the features because you have to disable them in order save battery then its no better than iOS or android for that matter. Might as well go back and get a dumb phone and do everything on my PC.

    MS and Nokia we have really high expectations and but very little actions. Know issues have not been looked at or acknowledged, and quoting that you are nowhere near close to positioning yourself near android or iOS (numbers, apps and feature wise) you have to step up and be better or handle things better than your competitors.

    With that said the only way I see them stepping up and actually doing something about it is to hurt them where it does matter $$$$$$$$. If ATT would put their foot down and HALT all sales then maybe it would get things moving. But we all know that this drastic move would not only hurt MS and Nokia it would also hurt ATT numbers $$$$$$. All I ask for is to remove the uncertainty and come out and acknowledge the issues and give us an ETA on the reported issues, because the only thing you are telling me and the community now is just that you DONT CARE.
    Turn off NFC, and location services. Leave on Wifi and make sure to connect it to your home/work and when you are away somewhere where you don't get Wifi consider turning it off. Go into Settings > Applications > Background Tasks and block everything in the list unless you need it to run in the background. I dont even allow Nokia Here+ to run in the background. The only thing I allow is weather and metrotube so I can listen behind the lockscreen.

    Also when you use your phone you have to hit the back button to completely close an app. If you hit home the app is allowed to run in the background until conditions are met to tombstone it. The list of apps that might run in the background are located at Settings > Applications > Background Tasks > Advanced.

    Also the intervals on your email may not be optimal for battery life depending on how many emails you get. If you get lots of emails all day then having a timed interval can be better. But if you dont get lots of email than setting the phone to "as items arrive" may actually be better.

    Anyway these are some of the things that I did that def. helped my battery life. Hopefully they will help you also.
    09-25-2013 08:43 AM
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    Troll Bait
    09-25-2013 08:51 AM
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