1. Hasan Jawad's Avatar
    Hi there,

    920 battery sucked before the amber update but after the update, its been pretty awesome, dont know why but lately, my phone doesnt charge fully..it stops at around 68 or sometimes 80s or something....any ideas on this?
    09-23-2013 03:35 PM
  2. Sayyid Shoaib's Avatar

    have you tried restarting phone.

    if it continues maybe soft reset it which is under settings>about phone and scroll down to bottom to reset (don't forget to backup all essential data if you need to do this method)

    Hope that helps!

    09-23-2013 04:40 PM
  3. Hasan Jawad's Avatar
    wouldnt that reset everything including my apps? i restarted the phone and after that its working fine..lets see thanks for the suggestion bro
    09-25-2013 01:15 PM
  4. Cormango's Avatar
    I had this issue. I plugged in my phone and the phone was reporting that it was charing to 100% and then dropping to 75% and not charging anymore. It's just a UI problem. The phone was in fact charging. A reboot fixed the issue.

    Another strange issue. Don't do a soft reset (VOL down and power). Instead, turn the device OFF and then back ON again. When I perform a soft reset, all my background tasks and live tiles stop working. I thought it was my phone but I excahnge my device and still have this strange issue. I also recreated the issue on another Nokia Lumia 920.
    09-25-2013 03:22 PM
  5. Hasan Jawad's Avatar
    I see... well, i switched my phone off and back on, the first charge was fine and battery lasted more than a day on full use of internet with 5 emails on push notifications and every social app running. played a few games as well. however, second charge it charged quickly and after that dropped to 85...i use wireless charger for charging..if i keep charging my phone even if it shows 100% would it still charge the battery on the background? i will give it a try though
    09-26-2013 02:41 PM

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