1. mariusmuntean's Avatar
    After updating to Amber via OTA I ended up with several issues: call dropouts and constant cell signall fluctuating when on 3G or 4G, bad image processing when taking photos.
    After trying several fixes which none worked I have reached two conclusions:
    Either the OTA broke the phone software or the current branded ROM along with ota broke everything.
    I have decided to reflash my Orange RO branded phone with non branded ROM from Germany already with Amber and GDR 2.
    The signal fluctuations are gone, signal is stable, no call dropouts and photos look awesome.
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    10-08-2013 10:50 AM
  2. rdubmu's Avatar
    Which Provider are you currently on that caused this. I know it isn't at&t ;P
    10-08-2013 07:15 PM
  3. mariusmuntean's Avatar
    My phone was with Orange Romania branded ROM, also my SIM is too on Orange RO. As I have said, I think it was more because of the OTA update system, as before the update the branded ROM was working ok
    10-08-2013 10:34 PM
  4. irokoispliskin's Avatar
    Hi! I am having same issues as you since updating. Can you provide a short tutorial on how to proceed please? Thanks!
    10-17-2013 12:20 PM
  5. mariusmuntean's Avatar
    Get nokia data package manager edited. install it and then get nokia care suite. install it.
    then in data package manager at product type write RM-821 and at product code write one of these, depending on your phone's color: (product code is the one from the start of the string: eg. 059s250)
    059S250 RM-821 VAR EURO2 DE CV GREY
    059S247 RM-821 VAR EURO2 DE CV CYAN
    059Q9L9 RM-821 VAR EURO2 DE CV WHITE
    059Q9L7 RM-821 VAR EURO2 DE CV BLACK
    059Q9M0 RM-821 VAR EURO2 DE CV RED
    after the package appears on the list in data package manager, click the small download button near Progress.
    when is downloaded, close data package manager and open care suite. there open product support tool. now on the right bottom choose Offline and rescan data packages.
    Choose no connection on the left upper and on File click choose product and choose rm-821. on bottom left click Programming and Recovery. choose the rom from the list and click start. a window appears with a Retry button. Here you turn off your phone and after, while holding volume down connect it to the PC, and click Retry right after. it should proceed. Wait for it to finish. You now have an unbranded phone and hopefully the issues will be gone
    This only works for RM-821 variants of Lumia 920. AT&T versions which are RM-820 need some other technique which I do not know
    10-17-2013 03:24 PM

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