1. n7slc's Avatar
    Since installing the GDR3 preview my phone does some really strange things when sitting on the wireless charger. It's gotten so bad lately that I have to put it in vibrate mode at night to keep from waking me.

    When I first set it on the charging plate, it wakes up and dings just like it always has. However, a short after, it will start doing that same thing over and over again. The last few days I'll take a look at it when I get up in the morning and it's got multiple apps running. This morning it was the Pro camera and picture apps. Yesterday it was Facebook and email. The day before that it was multiple settings pages...

    Weirdness abounds!
    10-24-2013 07:40 AM
  2. DBDev's Avatar
    That sounds strange. Probably it is a bug in the preview.
    10-24-2013 10:58 AM

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