1. mcraine's Avatar
    Just got a CR-200 wireless car charger for my 920. When I run Here Drive+ the phone battery charge slowly drops and the phone gets very hot on the back towards the top of the phone. (Similar heat experienced when the phone experienced rapid battery drain which I haven't seen in several months) I have used the CR-200 wireless charger without using the navigation app and all is well. The phone charges normally. As far as I know, the phone generally performs as it should and battery life is decent in most situations. I have this same problem when using a couple of other USB car chargers. I've read most of the posts and realize that using a better/Nokia wired car charger is probably the solution for wired charging but... Shouldn't the Nokia CR-200 be able to keep up with Here Drive+ and also give me at least a small amount of positive charge when using it?
    12-28-2013 09:35 AM
  2. NinjaPenguin777's Avatar
    Seems like this is an issue with Here Drive +. Always has been. Most chargers can't keep up with it
    12-28-2013 12:35 PM
  3. Idzaudin Idz's Avatar
    Here drive use more battery usage? Not possible
    12-28-2013 12:45 PM
  4. Microsoftjunkie's Avatar
    That could be possible. I'm not sure, but I thought those wireless chargers couldn't charge at the same rate as a charger plugged into the wall.
    12-28-2013 01:02 PM
  5. Noahma's Avatar
    When plugged into my cars port thorough usb, Here Drive+ can use 1% more per hour than it charges. if I drive for an hour, I always loose charge.
    12-28-2013 09:43 PM
  6. Madeye234's Avatar
    I had real world test recently. Copilot Live does not have this problem - I noticed the difference when I took an 8 hour trip. Copilot remained fully charged. On the way back, used Here Drive+ and it drained my battery more than it charged.
    12-28-2013 11:17 PM

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