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    I got my first smartphone over the holidays, a Lumia 920. While I love the phone's features, I'm posting below a copy of the letter I'm sending back with the phone to the vendor once they send me an envelop to put it in.

    My question is - any suggestions if anything I might have done to the phone caused the problems or if I've just been unlucky?

    From Jan 3 until Jan 13, the phone was fairly reliable, although on at least 2 occasions it turned itself off and on again. In both cases this happened while I was using speech recognition to create a text message at the same time as playing music on the phone. The first time I was using the X-Box music player and the second time I was using Nokia Mix Radio.

    On the morning of Jan 13 I was using the phone to listen to my music (using the Nokia Mix Radio app), and not performing any other active tasks. The phone was on battery power. After a couple of hours of use I noticed the battery level had fallen to around 30%, much lower than I expected based on previous periods of using the music player. The phone became unresponsive when I tried to exit the music payer, freezing when swiping between the app list and the start screen. It also turned itself off several times.

    I tried soft resetting the phone which did not help the freezing problem. I then used the Settings option to factory reset the phone. This still did not fix the freezing problem, so I called the vendor's support line. The technician told me how to hardware reset the phone and I did this while following his instructions. While the start screen did not freeze after the hardware reset, there were still issues with the Nokia Smart Cam (?) app, which froze and required the phone to be soft reset.

    Once home from work, I uninstalled the Nokia Smart Cam app (not sure of name as I cant find an app with this name in the store). I reinstalled apps such as Facebook and Nokia Camera and transferred my music onto the phone. During the evening the phone seemed to behave normally with the exception of the Nokia Camera app, where the Smart Sequence function would not run. It swipes to a camera view but then immediately closes the app. Otherwise camera functions such as taking pictures and video seem to be working normally.

    I charged the phone to 100% and set an alarm for the morning of Jan 14. When the alarm rang the phone froze (not sure if this was caused by date and time being wrong or if something went wrong overnight and reset the date and time in any case I noticed the date and time was wrong and fixed this after restarting the phone).
    The phone had discharged to 20% overnight from 100% despite all normal functions being disabled (except maybe mobile data). Previously the phone would only discharge to 80-90% overnight on the same settings.
    Upon testing, Nokia Camera Smart Sequence was still failing to run and the phone froze when I entered the Nokia Music app.
    At this point I decided to do another hardware reset and package the phone for return to the vendor.
    01-14-2014 08:12 AM
  2. N_LaRUE's Avatar
    Yeah you got a bad phone. It happens. The 920 is a good phone but it did have it's duds and it would appear you got one.

    Keep in mind that all manufacturers have issues with phones. It's not just Nokia phones. So you just got unlucky. I've had a 920 for over a year now and I only had the issue with the spinning gears, since then it's run pretty good. Battery life is not fantastic but I can live with that until I get another phone.
    01-14-2014 09:27 AM

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