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    14/02/2014 15:12:49

    Job Prebooked

    14/02/2014 15:12:49

    Pre-Booked online

    14/02/2014 15:12:49


    My screen freezes and it hasbtobbe soft reset a lot of times to get it working again, it has happened since I owned the phone but is happening more and more lately, ie every few hours. I did a factory reset and this has not solved the problem.

    14/02/2014 15:20:03

    Pre-Booked into GRS

    19/02/2014 12:56:31

    Booked In

    19/02/2014 12:56:32

    Booked In

    Requires Repair Only

    19/02/2014 14:08:08


    Nokia Create Return response. Event Code : Response Code : SUCCESS Response Description :SUCCESSFULLY ADDED TO AFTERSALES ACCELERATOR

    19/02/2014 15:17:09


    Nokia Update Event response. Event Code : RECEIVED Response Code : ERR_ECON_037 Response Description Invalid Order/Consignment

    21/02/2014 13:26:13


    21/02/2014 15:24:56

    On Workbench

    21/02/2014 15:50:00


    BER Non-Tech

    21/02/2014 15:50:00


    Physical damage, touchscreen is cracked. Battery and body assy are missing, phone booked in in this condition

    21/02/2014 16:45:23

    QA BER

    21/02/2014 18:25:32


    21/02/2014 18:59:55


    Nokia Update Event response. Event Code : NOT_REPAIRED Response Code : SUCCESS Response Description SUCCESSFULLY ADDED TO AFTERSALES ACCELERATOR

    Anybody advise what this means?

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    02-21-2014 04:41 PM
  2. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    It sounds like your device has been physically damaged so the warranty is void.
    02-23-2014 02:12 AM

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