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    ok, so here's my story:
    Bought a slightly used no-contract rogers 920 off kijiji last year. Promptly got it unlocked for use on Virgin Canada. Everything worked well, fell in love and everything. Developed some issues with the headphone jack and vibration motor and after a while reluctantly sent it to Nokia for repair. Came back with new issues - accelerometer, proximity sensor, etc. Sent it back and this time everything worked perfectly. BUT different IMEI. Tried to unlock it again from cellunlocker.net but eventually came back not found. tried a couple of other places with the same result. Called Rogers yesterday but the buggers wanted proof of purchase(which I can't find). So does anyone here have any suggestions? I love this thing so much but it has effectively become little more than a paper weight. I got a friend's rogers account details so I'm going to try calling them again tomorrow and pretend to be him - my rationale for doing this is that they might actually care since I am a rogers customer. Any other advice?

    03-28-2014 01:06 AM
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    I had this happen with one rogers device previously. Cellunlocker was the one that failed too.

    1. try unlockcanada.com - great customer support, very reliable.
    2. try unlock.canadgsm.ca - expensive but usually reliable.
    3. try mobileincanada.com - cheap but fails or can't find it many times. Takes up to a month for a refund.

    4. get your friend to switch phones for a week. once its been registered on the rogers network it will be found the next time. ie: he puts his active Rogers sim in your 920. (might be tricker)

    Good Luck.
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    03-28-2014 02:32 AM

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