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    Recently I've done a hard reset to my L920, and I've noticed that at the Info page the "Lumia black" inscription is missing. I've tried to run the update, but it tells me I've got the newest version. I was scared that I've lost the update, but everything seems to work fine (I've got the features listed in Lumia black update).
    Except for the battery life, which seems to be draining at bigger rate, but I won't know for sure for a few days, until I'll rule out potential app problem.

    Should I be worried for the missing inscription?
    04-05-2014 10:11 AM
  2. Athull's Avatar
    U shld update the extras+info again to the latest version I believe.
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    04-05-2014 10:18 AM
  3. chyrol's Avatar
    Is it possible to do that? How?
    04-05-2014 10:29 AM
  4. pankaj981's Avatar
    Download an app called SysApp Pusher, install/download all Nokia System apps from the links in that app and you'll have all Lumia Black features again
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    04-05-2014 10:33 AM
  5. chyrol's Avatar
    Yeah, that was it. All works fine now ;]
    I'm surprised that this phone doesn't push such things by itself after hard resetting, but at least all is fine now. Thanks a lot!
    04-05-2014 10:52 AM
  6. Athull's Avatar
    Np, the store usually shows new updates quite late so its best to check them with sys app pusher every once in a while.
    04-05-2014 12:16 PM