1. vincekilic's Avatar
    Hi all...
    My Lumia 920 is experiencing some problems lately...
    The screen is unable to perform auto rotate, glance function not working and the default QR code scanner (accessed from the search button) ain't working as well.
    I had sent my phone to my local Nokia care centre...and the reply I got was the device was beyond economical repair as the fault lies somewhere in the motherboard. (the phone is out of warranty btw) I was told by the staff at the care centre to just make do with what its left on the phone..but personally it just kinda felt like a pain in the a** man..
    Have read off some threads which mentioned that giving the phone a real hard slap on the back would have fix the auto rotate function? I tried a few times but still there was no effect..anyone had success on it?
    Hmm any advice on what should I do next?? Go fix the phone (which might cost a bomb for replacing the motherboard?) or just live with these freaking defects?? Just felt so fed up to have had these problems...no Whatsapp now as my phone data had been wiped when I sent it for the check...arghhh
    Apologies for the long post and I'd really appreciate your comments :)
    05-24-2014 11:32 AM
  2. xandros9's Avatar
    Huh, it does have problems.

    I guess options are:

    Repair! Bound to cost though, but I'd get an estimate before judging.
    Replacement! Get another new, used, refurb 920 if the price is right! Unless the seller is a con-artist, anything is likely to be a step up.
    Subsitution! A lower-end device that works perfectly may be an upgrade in this case. Depends on what you value in a device though.
    Make do. I wouldn't be able to easily deal with that so one of the latter would be preferable, but you ultimately have to make the call.

    Percussive maintenance is not really an exact science, so results may vary. Because of the nature, there's always the possibility of breaking something else.
    05-24-2014 11:44 AM
  3. vincekilic's Avatar
    Hey thanks for the reply!
    I was playing around with my phone for the past week...and some days back, the phone's auto rotate, glance function and QR code scanner went functioning again after I drained its battery and recharge it for a few times. I really don't know how it happened..but subsequently, there were a few instances whereby my Lumia 920's touch screen just went blank and unresponsive, even pressing the power button and attempting a soft reset won't wake it up. Eventually I managed to revive the phone only when I plug it to the power source...it hasn't occurred again since its last occurrence. Well I guess the motherboard or just some hardware in the phone got really screwed? But yea was glad that it was functioning again and will just have to pray hard that those annoying "black outs" don't strike again!
    Yea just another question...any idea how would I be able to restore my data back on my phone?? Have been trying to log in and log out my Microsoft Account using my phone and sync the data in the process..but I don't quite get back the backed up stuff which I previously managed to got it when I restored my phone after performing a factory reset myself. ( the phone was returned to me with some apps loaded on it, and it didn't prompt me to log in to accounts etc like what a brand new phone/ post factory reset phone would) Any ideas on this issue??

    Sorry again for the long post and late reply...thanks again!
    06-03-2014 12:07 PM

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