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    Hey all!
    [I hope I'm posting in the right place right now...]

    Lately I've had a few major issues with my photo hub. It already happened a few times that there were grey tiles showing up in my folders (especially under 'Saved Pictures') after I moved pictures from my computer onto my Lumia 920. Usually I fixed this with re-naming the folders.
    Today I wanted to move a few pictures again into a new subfolder I created. I was a little confused when the subfolder didn't show up on my phone, but I was able to access it from my PC. And I had a ton of grey tiles once again.

    After a back and forth of renaming folders and deleting them, I decided to make a back-up and delete all my pictures, hoping everything would work fine if I'd create new folders on my phone (also with different names, because sometimes my Lumia won't show folders if they have a specific name, for some reason lol), but that wouldn't work either.

    Right now I have every photo deleted on my Lumia, and yet it shows grey tiles where the photos have been before, even with dates (see photo). Also those non-existent photos remain taking up storage place, as if they were real photos >: (Hopefully you get what I mean)
    Trying to create new folders won't work either, they don't show up at all.
    Also my live tile still displays the photos I had as favourites before...

    Help please ): ? I'm really desperate atm

    (I currently run Windows Phone 8.1 Developer's Preview 8.10.12393.890 on my phone (the last update))

    06-08-2014 03:17 PM

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