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    Hi,I've got a grey Lumia 920 with France rom-which I've just flashed to Malaysia-,Unfortunately my phone has all the problems that a l920 can afford :(
    -non of sensors are working(except gyroscope which is not functioning correctly),so I can't use glance,screen rotation & my screen not going off while calling etc.
    -The front camera doesn't work most of times -the screen goes dark after I choose it-
    -Nokia Camera doesn't work(I can open it,but crashes after pressing shutter key to take photos
    -The backlight of navigation keys(back,windows,search) is gone
    As I said,I have flashed it to Malaysia rom and noting's changed,AND BECAUSE I live in Iran where there are no Nokia Care Points,PLEASE tell me how can I fix my phone...I'm waiting guys...
    P.S : I think my problems are all caused by software,because they all happened after amber update -and continued on Lumia black -,and they were suddenly solved for a short period after updating to black,but again I'm having all of them an I am really exhausted,tnx for helping ;)

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    07-31-2014 03:49 PM
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    I'm waiting for answers :-(
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    08-01-2014 07:01 AM

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