1. OndrejBakan's Avatar
    Hi all,

    first of all, sorry for my English, as I am from Czech Republic. I received that little .200 DP update and I thought I am ready for OTA update to WP8.1 + Cyan straight from DP. That was false, my friend (without DP) had update to Cyan, but I still had nothing.

    So I decided to downgrade to WP8.0, then (without restoring) update to Cyan via OTA. That was bad idea, after OTA (still without restoring) the phone was very very laggy, it stutters especially when scrolling up / down, like half of the display had offset few px of the other half.

    So now, when the Cyan for Lumia CZ CV was available in NaviFirm+, I reflashed the phone and everything is working fine, no lags, no stutters. But, I can't restore. It says I have no backups, but I can clearly see that my device is backed up in the OneDrive Options :/

    I think it's caused by the fact, that I did my backup on that DP .200 version. But nevermind, most applications can't backup their data, so I'll start with the slate clean.

    btw - I was unable to make the backup, it always stucked at 7%, until I turned off almost every background task. Hope this helps to someone.
    08-20-2014 04:25 PM
  2. Aziz Wicaksono's Avatar
    Same problem here with Indonesia CV. So there's no other way than hard reset/flashing? I hope there's a more practical way, re downloading the apps is something I want to avoid, even if restore does work.
    08-20-2014 05:43 PM

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