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    I just started wearing Bluetooth headphones on my runs paired with my Lumia 920. I have actually tried 2 different brands and noticed the same issue with both of them: the audio randomly cuts out which causes it to sound like a CD skipping. It has happened both while playing music and when my training app is coaching me.

    Searching this forum, the only threads that seem to describe a similar issue reference having a Band connected via Bluetooth at the same time. In my case, the headphones are the only Bluetooth device connected to my phone. Is there anything I can do to try to clear up this audio issue? I am using the GPS in my phone to track my runs, but other than that, I've tried shutting down all other background apps and turning off wi-fi with no difference.
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    03-12-2015 01:55 PM
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    I've been having the same problem with my Bluetooth headset and my 1520. It happens randomly at different times... Most of the time, it works fine with no issues.

    Just curious, do you have the box ticked in your Bluetooth advanced settings for "Use alternate Bluetooth audio connection for speech"? Try changing that and see if the problem persists. Might not have any effect on it, but its worth a try.

    Let us know if you find anything else on the subject...
    03-12-2015 03:10 PM
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    I think I just figured this out today as I was out in the yard mowing the grass, trying to listen to music on my 1520 with my JarV NMotion Bluetooth headset. Terrible skipping, like you say, "like a scratched CD skipping", totally unable to enjoy, or listen to a single song.

    Then it hit me, that my iPad was trying to compete for the connection, as I normally use this headset with the iPad at night for watching movies. So I ran inside, grabbed the iPad and went into settings and turned off Bluetooth... Presto! Problem solved! I could now connect to my 1520 and listen to music silky smooth, with no skipping.

    So try that. If you have your Bluetooth headset or earbuds paired to multiple devices, turn off Bluetooth on the devices that you're not currently using to prevent them from fighting over "who gets the connection"...
    04-03-2015 10:55 AM

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