1. Matthew Broughton's Avatar

    Phone: Nokia Lumia 920
    Purchased: Jan/2013
    Core Build: 3051.50009.1451.10458
    Service Provider: Rogers Canada


    I have a Nokia Lumia 920 that I purchased back in Jan/2013 that's on a contract with Rogers (Canada). It's in good shape having only been dropped a few times but none of them have been serious and with no damage other than a single ding.

    The Issue

    Starting around March 12th I lost cell service to my phone. Nothing out of the ordinary happened. It wasn't dropped or anything. Periodically it would come back on though for a few minutes before it disconnected again. I noticed that it would come back on just after midnight and it would turn off again around 8:00am. I also noticed yesterday that when I got outside the wireless network of my house, the data returned. When I got to my location (where there was wi-fi that I wasn't connected to yet) the data was disconnected again but when I disabled the wi-fi, the data returned. When I got back home my phone had disconnected again but when it wasn't fixed by playing with the wi-fi settings this time. It just stayed disconnected.

    I've since restored my phone to factory settings and Rogers reset my data. Both of these did actually work but only for about 2min before it disconnected again. They're claiming that it's a problem with my phone and I would believe that except for the fact that the cell data does return at specific points (away from the house and wireless spots and at midnight almost on the dot). Right now in "Cellular+SIM" it's showing that there is "no network found" and the SIM settings are set to "ROGERS ####" (for last digits of my phone number).

    Has anyone had this kind of issue before and what you did to resolve it?
    Thank you in advanced for your help.
    03-23-2016 07:59 PM
  2. Auggybendoggy's Avatar
    Man have I had a hard time with this very issue. I have two 920's - my wife has one and I have the other. I updated them both to Windows 10. Her first time going to W10 was seamless and fine. However, she then started telling me that it was dropping calls quite a bit. I did a hard reset and lost her signal totally. Did a system recovery and the signal was back but now with dropped signals left and right. Did another system recover and repeated this like 5 times. Finally, I've stopped at 8.1 cyan and while it seemed to have issues this morning, it seems to be working ok now. I don't know what the hell happened because I did updates and they didn't fix it.

    Now when I first updated mine to W10, it did exactly what her phone did. I use Ting here in the U.S. and they sent me 2 new sims. It wasn't that. I then did a system recover and updated all the way back to 10 and blamo mine has been perfect ever since.

    It's a shame because W10 is seriously nicer than 8.1.

    My only hope is that Microsoft will continue their buy back and buy my 920 so I can move her to a 950.
    04-16-2016 10:08 PM

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