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    Fully inspired by http://forums.windowscentral.com/nok...wp8-925-a.html - and following his encouragement :) What follows is a mad list of stuff I like, things that didnt work as I wanted. Stuff I have grown to enjoy - and a few RANTS. This isn't a deep review and compare of iOS7 and Amber, just observations from my own use cases.

    Me (I'd skip this bit if I was you)
    Apologies in advance, you aren't going to get the excellent writing style of Chris2183. I loved the post so much (blog already Chris2183), and it struck a few chords from my own recent experience. My background: windows .NET developer, used the last 4 iterations of iPhone and there is very little wrong with it. I am a bit bored with it. I upgraded to the beta iOS 7 and didn't feel the overhaul that many will claim. So I looked around and got a great deal on ebay for a Lumia 925.

    Generally speaking, the hardware is excellent. Sizing is better, weight is nice and it feels like a premium smartphone. Loads already written on this.

    Task Manager
    Coming from an iOS perspective, to begin with, the lack of a task manager to shut down apps is annoying. I must admit after a few days with using WP8. Its anything but annoying and actually, pretty damn liberating. clever use of the back button implicitly shutting apps makes much more sense as a user experience.

    App organisation
    The list of apps is a little frightening from someone who was - sorry - IS, folder mental. Found myself almost begging the phone for a way to group camera apps, or the HERE+ apps. No surprise that after a few days I am whizzing around the home screen and app drawer, making good use of the search and letter markers. Nothing here to put anyone off.

    The lack of notifications is also annoying. Except... after a few days - I am quite pleased not to have to enter that annoying iOS screen and clear out notifications I didn't really read all that much (yes yes, I should tailor them better). The use of tiles and badges is excellent. I have found that by pinning certain groups, I am already far more in touch with certain friends than previous. It just feels a bit easier mashing facebook and twitter into a single feed.

    Task Manager
    I have found that the occasional rogue app simply won't launch after getting its startup into some sort of bother. Its hassle, but an uninstall and reinstall seems the best approach. A few have suggested a reboot, but I am pretty sure this simply reinstates the app in the same state in memory.

    Contacts, syncing, gmail etc...
    If coming from an iPhone, the transfer data app is good, but i recommend getting all iCloud and iOS contacts into a google account and simply syncing. It works really really well. The google amber implementation has meant a few things: "Search on server" has seemed to disappear. That's a pain. Push has also disappeared. In trying to be a generic email client Gmail users are likely to be found wanting a bit more. Archiving, tags and search to name a few. C'mon google, write an app already. Hardly the fault of MS. As a mail reader, I actually like it alot.

    I attempted to use a shared windows account on the phone. This seemed a bad approach. The point of syncing multiple contacts sources was to keep them from cluttering my wifes phone. I didn't realise that outlook.com would list everything. All collegues and ex's suddenly appear in her contact feed. Ummmmm.... Ok so personal windows account with multiple google accounts linked in. Much better. The iPhone also performs this matching, but its a local only process.

    Alot of the apps are good starts but need more. Time should sort this out. I would hope that we will also see dropbox, better spotify, better facebook. I also wouldn't mind seeing a more integrated login. I have logged in skydrive and Twitter ALOT when linking applications. Surely this can be baked in the OS somewhere for developers... Something that iOS does quite well. While I am mentioning Twitter, I really hope we get notifications for individual users that I follow. I use that alot. Although now I write that.... seeing notifications mention above... Maybe I am better off now and should just use another few tiles... I am still getting the hang of this!

    Xbox accounts and changing windows account
    General windows xbox rant. Restricting me to move my xbox account to a different windows login once every 30 days is silly. Its a pain. I also found that if I login to the phone, switch xbox accounts to the windows account I am logged into, the phone does not pick the new account up. There is a fix - hard reset. WTF. I do feel the windows account is sometimes too tied into the OS.

    This brings me nicely onto backup. While waiting for a network unlock on the phone, I have no signal when the phone has a hard reset. So... no chance to restore. The startup badly needs to be able to connect to a wifi network. Currently it renders restore useless.

    Xbox Music
    The scan and match is awful. Its early days but this was NOT a good experience after using iTunes match or google music.

    The lock screen and is configuration is excellent over and above iOS. Would be nice if some of the icons linked to the underlying apps...

    So... sorry its long, bit garbled, its late and also not checked all that well... I have tested the phone pretty thoroughly for my own use cases and account setups and generally its damn good with a few bad points. I cant see me selling the iPhone, and I can't bear to be parted from the Lumia now. #destinedtocarrytwophones.
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    07-26-2013 07:03 PM
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    apologies people, that was far too long... :)
    07-26-2013 07:04 PM
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    So... sorry its long, bit garbled, its late and also not checked all that well... I have tested the phone pretty thoroughly for my own use cases and account setups and generally its damn good with a few bad points. I cant see me selling the iPhone, and I can't bear to be parted from the Lumia now. #destinedtocarrytwophones.
    Woot Im not alone #destinedtocarrytwophones

    Im thinking either Team Winexus or Windroid

    Nice observations, I agree with the app observations. I feel its really unfair to the WP community to get apps that are almost hollow feeling compared to their iOS and Android counterparts.
    07-26-2013 09:23 PM

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