1. pikkuhukka's Avatar
    So yeah, i was impatient and decided to buy my long coveted 925 from digiwire.com and.. the damn roaming icon is stuck on, prolly cause the phone seems to be imported from hong kong as it was its default region etc

    so, as i live in finland, how do i make this phone as european as possible :o ?
    08-16-2013 10:57 AM
  2. sueha's Avatar
    What is your device name in settings? You could try to flash it with European firmware, but I've heard it is very risky to flash asian phones with european ROMs.

    Guides: http://forums.windowscentral.com/nok...ed-inside.html
    Download Official Nokia Firmware Even Without Navifirm+ | BlinkThinks in Binaries
    08-16-2013 11:08 AM
  3. pikkuhukka's Avatar
    hmm yeah i thought of that :3

    but now the problem seems to have disappeared since i have ... removed all the wrong settings :)
    08-16-2013 11:14 AM
  4. pikkuhukka's Avatar
    now that piece of crap wont download finnish keyboard layout

    just says "preparing download..."

    mew :<
    08-16-2013 11:20 AM
  5. pikkuhukka's Avatar
    so i didnt get rid of the roaming icon, it seems to be always on, i had to put roam on in the mobile network settings in order for the dataconnection to work

    any way around this, except re-flashing?
    08-16-2013 06:47 PM

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