1. arislgr's Avatar
    I'm very happy with my 925, with the exception of a few issues. One of them is accidentally lowering the Volume; I normally hold my phone from the sides and next thing I know someone is calling me and the phone does not ring. Eventually I realise I have laccdentally owered the volume to zero.
    Is there a way to Lock the Volume, at least for the ringtone? Any other solution?
    09-07-2013 11:39 AM
  2. stmav's Avatar
    Unfortunately it's a universal volume control. One for all and all for one. I'll bet with time you'll adjust and not hit the volume button. Or at least I hope you do.
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    09-07-2013 01:18 PM
  3. arislgr's Avatar
    Thanks, I hope I will. Maybe down the line this could be changed, like having the ringing volume controll adjusted separatelly in the menu where the ringtone is selected. I belive all my previous Symbian Nokias had it like this, it worked well.
    09-08-2013 02:54 AM
  4. skarebrian's Avatar
    I agree - most stupid - remember Iphone antennas - they had to change in the end. Hope lots and lots write in about this.

    Plus the OFF button is also exactly where you hold the phone - Oh to be able to strangle these toy designers - ruined a really good phone
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    10-09-2013 06:54 AM
  5. Eberhard Schulze's Avatar
    Fully agree - very stupid design.
    The three buttons on the right hand are at the most stupid position.
    Having missed a great number of calls, I have no options but going back to one of the oldies!
    Its a shame really ...
    12-11-2013 06:51 AM
  6. Hamberthm's Avatar
    I'm sure this will be fixed in the incoming updates. They can't just leave it like that. For me to able to hear the calls in my big home, I must set it to 25/30, so even the dial pad tones get very loud and annoying, it's just not right.

    A system like the N9's volume control in the upper bar would be awesome.
    12-11-2013 07:33 AM
  7. Igor Liokumovich's Avatar
    This damn phone almost put me out business.
    12-31-2013 04:30 PM
  8. Parmid's Avatar
    Too optimist, mate. March 2014 and they have still not sorted out the issue with buttons on the wrong side of the phone.
    03-31-2014 05:08 AM
  9. JimWPan's Avatar
    Just goto app stored and download the "Volume" and you can lock the volume.
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    03-31-2014 02:27 PM
  10. mikho's Avatar
    I think that the people who designed the buttons on my Lumia 925 have never held a handphone. My old Nokia N8 was much better.
    To get around the problem with the volume, I bought a Lumia 925 plastic case. I then cut a strip of plastic and taped it over the volume button. It is not perfect but I don't keep missing calls now.
    04-19-2014 05:20 PM

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