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    after talking in another thread about how well my 925 had coped for so long without scratches, paint chips or dents, last night my OH grabbed her hair straightners off the chest of draws, the power cable then caused my phone to be pushed off and fell about 4ft, landing on a carpeted wooden floor. I picked up my phone, not really worried as it has survived bigger scrapes than this, and noticed that from the left hand side about 2/3rds up, it seems the cracks had started from here and spread all across the top of the phone, edge to edge. glass shards was coming away in places, but phone was still working and usable. Stupidly i never took out the insurance with my carrier when purchasing the phone, but 10 a month for 24 months, seemed a lot of extra money at the time.

    Phoned up Nokia Care Center in Manchester today, they are getting stock of 925 screens in on Friday, so i will be heading over there tomorrow to hand over my phone to them. So for Christmas this year, looks like i will be getting some more protective cases than the wireless charging shell I always keep on.

    should i change any of my details such as passwords for banking apps or social media etc?
    12-04-2013 06:48 AM
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    If you are worried about the content that's on your phone you can always remove it for the period of repair, if you want to. Personally, I might unlink an inbox or remove a sensitive app like banking if I was worried. Given that the repair place is a Nokia Care Centre though, I don't think you have a lot to worry about.
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    12-04-2013 07:15 AM
  3. original.woodster's Avatar
    The Nokia tech support site asked me to security wipe it anyway. Received phone back from Nokia Care weeks ago having replaced the screen, they also flagged up that the usb charging wasn't working, i took it home as it was due to me only using wireless charging anyway, but i got it home and noticed that wireless charging didn't work as well as it used too, had to squeeze the stand and phone together to get a charge sound and icon. In the end i sent it in to Nokia for repair on the usb charging also making note of the wireless charging issue, received phone back on 24th Dec, usb charging works, wireless doesn't, now my jbl poweup and wireless in car charger are useless. Have ordered another wireless charging shell in hopes mine is broken and not the devices internals
    12-25-2013 01:00 PM

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