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    Has anyone noticed that the sound/tone/volume scheme is awful in Lumia 925? It just doesn't have consistency through the OS.

    I have volume set to 19 in my L925 and this is what happens:

    - Audio files are playing confortably in headphone;
    - Ringtone is just "ok".. I mean, it would be perfectly if I set the volume to, let's say, 21, but in that case, audio files will be unconfortably high in headphone;
    - Keyboard tone is hardly audible, I mean, I can't listen a single key stroke unless L925 speaker is near my ear;
    - Phone dial key sounds are emabarrasingly loud. Really.

    Anyone have noticed that? PS. From what I have seen, L920 has the same behavior, except that keyboard tone is a little high that in L925.

    I mean, I dont know if this is an issue from Nokia or WP8 itself but this is really annoying!!

    Is there any work around?

    12-13-2013 02:13 PM

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