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    So I smashed the screen on my 925 on NYE The glass was wrecked and the display itself had stopped working. Because the display assembly for the 925 is attached directly to the aluminium I was worried that the whole body would need to be replaced which would be very expensive. A non official repair company in New Zealand quotes $350 for a screen repair...

    I sent my phone into Nokia Care. The repair tracker told me to call the call centre. I was met by a very friendly and fluent customer service rep. The cost was $287NZD ($237USD), which was much cheaper than I expected. The rep even explained the individual costs, and that $150 was to replace the display and another $137 to replace the glass. So although the assembly is all one piece they seem to be able to replace the individual parts.

    When I gave the rep my details he began gushing about how much he loves my name too before checking if I had any other inquiries.

    Overall I'm just extremely happy about the service I've been given by Nokia, considering I was a bit apprehensive at first about how easy the process would be!
    01-07-2014 03:09 PM

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