1. matt dunn's Avatar
    hey guys, my firmware is on 3051.40000.1347.0001
    i got a new 925 a couple months back and forgot i could use my dev pre release for the updates and so a while back updated to the dev release and my mic has stopped working on speaker phone and when i have head phones in, it also doesnt work with videos, instagram, ect.
    i feel like its a software issue because my mic still works fine when i make calls, so i was thinking to factory reset it, let me know what you guys think
    03-14-2014 01:31 PM
  2. AndreStudart's Avatar
    Try a soft reset (you don't lose any of your data), if it doesn't work, I would say for you to try hard reset (you lose all your data), if that doesn't work, nokia care assistance is the way.

    soft reset = volume down + power button, hold these buttons until your phone turns off and vibrate

    hard reset = volume down + power button + camera button, when your phone vibrates, release the power button, wait someting like 5 sec, and release the other two
    03-14-2014 03:34 PM

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