04-03-2014 01:57 PM
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    I've been looking to pick up a 925 for cheap to replace my 18 month old 8X since it's a little beat up. I held one the other day and the one thing I don't like is the surface is so slippery on it compared to the 8X. The 8X is really the perfect form factor for a pocket phone, although I think the 925 would work for me as well. Nokia is definitely the route to go with updates/software if you are on WP, otherwise I'd get another 8X.

    I keep waiting for a successor to the 925 but everything seems to have a 5" screen which I don't want.
    ​Use a case with the 925? Solves the problem of it being slippery.
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    04-03-2014 01:57 PM
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