1. officially_juju's Avatar
    Two weeks with my 925 and I'm finding myself having to choose which applications and music I really need simply because 16gb of storage on a phone in 2014 isn't much.
    I'm just wondering why many (outside of Apple) choose to leave this option out? ๐Ÿ˜’
    04-15-2014 09:05 PM
  2. Chronousx's Avatar
    probably because its faster..:D
    04-15-2014 09:07 PM
  3. DaT Franchise's Avatar
    To make you 1) pay for cloud storage 2) hopefully use more data accessing your data.
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    04-15-2014 09:08 PM
  4. bsayegh's Avatar
    Also many new phones have a 32 gig option, which costs more. You probably wouldn't buy it if the 16 gig option had expandable storage.
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    04-16-2014 07:54 AM
  5. waazzupppp's Avatar
    Because SD cards are not static memory. They can become corrupted, damaged and actually jiggle loose during normal usage. In my Lumia 810, I went through 7 - yes 7 - different SD cards in a year with that device. I used SanDisk Ultras, the top cream of the crop cards and still had major issues with them. Nokia's response was to drop to a slower speed card so I didn't get the write error that corrupted the cards. I explained that I couldn't shoot HD video unless I had a class 6 or better, and they agreed.

    One time of making a mistake with an SD card could ruin it. If the camera locks up taking a simple photo or you are accessing music from the card and the phone reboots, poof! It's dead in the water and you start getting that SD Card error. This is also why most of the premium manufacturers stay away from SD when possible.
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    04-16-2014 03:04 PM
  6. metalchick719's Avatar
    I think it's for two main reasons: one, more and more people are using cloud services and streaming to get to their media and two, it's become more the norm to have a device that lacks SD support. I look at devices like the iPhone, most higher end Lumias, the HTC One and so on and it seems that more premium phones lack it. Then again, you have the 1520 and HTC One M8 that have them, so...(?)
    04-16-2014 03:43 PM
  7. waazzupppp's Avatar
    I think that they caved to consumer demand with those new devices. I mean the 1520 with 32GB of storage should be enough for most people - but you will have a few people that want to carry their 19 days of music, 140 movies and a few thousand documents with them... Plus, the will still need room for RAW photos and hours of 1080p video...

    I mean, right now, you can swing a 32GB 1520 and place a 128GB UHS-1 card in there and have more storage than you could ever dream possible. What I would love is an App that would allow me to plug a micro USB to USB cable into the device and backup photos and videos on the go without having to bust out a laptop to do it. I know OneDrive is there for that as well, but going somewhere like the California Redwoods on vacation might leave some people without access to Wi-Fi and a full phone... A simple USB or Bluetooth transfer App to external drives would certainly make it easier - and the cables already exist!
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    04-16-2014 04:33 PM
  8. officially_juju's Avatar
    Thanks for the answers! I understand after many of these. However, I wish 32gb was the minimum for premium devices.
    04-16-2014 09:51 PM

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