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    After a year of successful use, it appears that wifi on my Lumia 925 has stopped working reliably. The phone seems to be giving higher priority to the cellular connection.

    I can connect to my secure wifi network (wifi settings says "connected"), but almost always, the signal strength display at the upper left of the phone indicates "LTE", which has low strength in my area.

    Sometimes all strength bars are lit with no cellular connection indicated, and "wi-fi calling" is indicated on the phone tile, which is the behavior I would expect. But at other times, LTE with low signal strength is indicated, and wi-fi calling is not indicated on the phone tile.

    It seems that the phone is selecting LTE as the priority when both connections are present. Up until yesterday, it worked as expected, with the apparent higher priority assigned to LTE yesterday.

    I've hunted but can't find a related setting. Any suggestions?
    09-18-2014 01:20 PM
  2. kmmcdonald's Avatar
    If I power cycle the phone, after the reboot:

    a) wifi "fountain" is displayed with full signal strength; data connections are fast as expected
    b) "wifi calling" is displayed on the phone tile
    c) after about a minute, the phone tile and signal strength meter indicate "no signal"
    d) seconds later, the signal strength meter indicates "4G" or "LTE"; the wifi fountain is still on
    e) data connections operate at a crawl and often time out
    f) if I then disable wifi, the wifi fountain disappears, and the data connections begin to work must faster, presumably over the cellular network

    My wife has an identical phone, and she is not experiencing this problem; her wifi stays up and running.
    09-18-2014 06:12 PM

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