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    Jeez, can't edit the thread title, obviously it should read "Reception!"

    OK, starting from this thread about the terrible radio and wifi reception of TWO Nokia 825 T-Mobile phones. Original two threads here:



    So I sent one in for warranty repair, got it back today...........Wow! Like a "new" phone! In fact, although the paperwork says it's the same phone, no, it has a new IMEI. They also claim to have performed certain checks, but I wonder if it isn't just a new phone that they stock up on to speed up warranty issues, or one that they repaired after sending someone else a "new" phone. I noticed the same thing happened with my 810 a year ago.

    Anyway, my benchmark for the radio reception is my Nokia 810. Rarely, rarely ever drops a call in my fringe area home, in particular, at my desk. No Wifi Calling needed.

    Watching the signal strength, while both the 925 and 810 will drop to one bar, the 925 sits there for shorter periods and, and this is the most important thing, no more "No Service" notices! In fact, it spends most of its time at FOUR bars and sometimes it even hits 5. Now I don't even need the Wifi Calling! And, even WFC is better! It used to be that when I tried to turn it on or off or change the settings, it would take minutes, maybe never even do it until I rebooted. Now, this is perfect, too. So now I don't need WFC, and I can't keep it on because of the known issues with DforP 8.1 and SMS. (It doesn't work.)

    The data speeds suck just as much as ever, even though TM swears they upgraded my tower for faster LTE.

    The I installed Preview for Developers and spent hours updating. There still isn't any SMS service, in or out, with WFC on. But now I can just leave the WFC options set on Cellular Preferred, I'm OK with that. Hopefully, maybe someday the TMO fairy will bring us 8.1 with WFC that lets SMS work and Cyan, eh?

    I'll start the ball rolling to get the other 925 warranteed in. Amazing, isn't it? TWO bad phones with the exact same issue. Sold as used but came in factory boxes with SIM cards, paper work, and chargers.

    Bang head here.................
    10-09-2014 08:42 PM
  2. Paul Verizzo's Avatar
    UPDATE: Turns out this was premature. For whatever reason(s), it drifted back to poor reception. So, all in all, three different 925's, same issue.
    03-23-2015 07:18 AM

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