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    I was on T-Mobile and got tired of no update and poor service so I switched to Cricket. I then got 8.1 through developer's preview. I covered all of this in a previous thread: http://forums.windowscentral.com/nok...ml#post2834171

    Well Murphy's Law, T-Mobile just came out with an update. I was thinking of reopening the account just to get the update but decided it wasn't worth the time effort or money. Then a day or two later I picked up my 521 spare phone which has no sim and went to check for updates and it started downloading one. I haven't used the 521 for almost a year so it was some old update but the great part was it worked.

    Last night I pulled the sim from my 925 and installed Cyan and the latest from T-Mobile and I didn't have to flash a Latin American Rom or anything like that. I don't consider myself a phone nut as I have only had a cell phone for less than 2 years but I do come to WinCentral most everyday to see what is going on. I don't recall reading that you could do an update without the sim. I also don't know if I could have done the update with the Cricket sim in the phone. The bottom line is I am very pleased with the results.

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    Carrier SIM has nothing to do whether a phone gets updated or not, it's the ROM that matters. Whenever the update is pushed (either by the manufacturer, carrier) the phone would get the update irrespective of whether there's a SIM in the phone or not. And it's strictly the ROM. For example, an unlocked ATT Lumia 920 running the Rogers Lumia 920 ROM on T-Mobile would get updated when Rogers decides to push the updates for its Lumia 920 variants
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