01-01-2015 07:01 AM
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  1. Keith Wallace's Avatar
    I'd vote no on the 925. It runs on parts that are almost 3 years old (specifically, the SoC). Then again, the early-2012 SoC in the 925 beat out the 830's PoS Snapdragon 400 in benchmarks, so when you consider cost, I'd say that the 925 is a much better choice than the 830, unless you HAVE to have the wireless charging and SensorCore.

    At this point, your best bet it to wait and hope for a legitimate flagship around Build in April. The only high-end Windows Phone devices on the market right now are the 930/Icon (outdated by about a year, no Glance, complaints about battery/heat issues), the 1520 (larger than most like, glass might be more-prone to cracking than smaller devices, similarly close to being outdated), and the One (M8) for Windows (a Frankenstein's Monster of a device, where the navigation buttons are on-screen and there is no camera button, plus you won't get Lumia firmware).

    There's just nothing on the market worth a purchase right now. However, if cost is a big factor, a 920/925 wouldn't be a terrible purchase, as the 830 is about $150 more expensive than it should be, and we don't have a proper flagship alternative from 2013 as a step up from the 920/925.
    12-28-2014 11:03 AM
  2. aeschylus's Avatar
    People post about the chipset in the 925 being faster in certain benchmarks than the 830 but I own a 925 and my wife owns the 830 and there is no question that it is speedier in seemingly everyway. You will not experience any performance degradation if you update to the 830. Even the 635 (which I bought for $40) is snappier than my 925.
    01-01-2015 07:01 AM
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