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    Hi all, first post here. I have a Lumia 925 WP8.1, and a Mac running OS X Yosemite. All my music and playlists are in iTunes, and it's nearly impossible to transfer it to Zune without losing some files here and there... And obviously, the Windows Phone App for Mac is absolutely unusable (Opening the app only causes the app to show in the dock, but nothing happens at all, does anyone else experience this?)... Does anyone know any alternative way I can transfer a playlist from iTunes on my Mac to the Lumia at all??? This has been bugging me for a long while now, I havent been able to update my phone's music! And Microsoft is nowhere near to releasing a new version of the app! Does anyone out in the big big world know how to workaround this for the time being?? Thanks in advance! :)
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    I've got both a 925 and a MBPr and have no problem with the Windows Phone App for OSX. About the only issue I did have with it was just me not realizing it was doing its thing when I was copying files to/from it when I first used it. One option you could use is subscribe to Xbox music and load your music into it. Alternately, soon OneDrive will have a music locker type service that will allow you to load your music up to OneDrive and run it from there.

    For me, I just pick a selection of music and copy it over using the Windows Phone app.... Yours may have not installed right, you may want to remove it and redownload it to see if it fixes your issue. As an aside, very cool to see someone else who has OSX and WinPhone...seems like there are very few of us.
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    Thanks for your response... The WP app for OS X doesnt seem to work at all... I've only ever seen the main window for the app once! Which was when I first downloaded it onto the MBPr (running Yosemite) and after closing it, I've never seen it again, even after several reinstalls. It used to work fine on my old Mac running Mountain Lion. Has anyone else ever experienced this before???
    02-05-2015 01:45 PM

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