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    so my Lumia 925 was really low on space (<1MB) it seemed to be struggling to delete files using the photos manager and podcasts app (they would just crash when I tapped delete).

    I attempted to delete the files using a PC but the same thing happened, got an error when deleting.

    Now somehow I think I have corrupted part of the storage file system. Phone works fine but Photos, Podcasts app, Storage Sense and the Store apps crash before the open properly. some apps work fine (e.g. Facebook but i havent tried them all)

    I've tried to do a soft reset but no change, phone now recognised by PC but no files are visible :-(

    If this is a storage memory corruption does anyone have a way to fix it? Obviously as there is no removable storage I cant fix it in a computer....
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    IF the storage is faulty, then it would need to be replaced, which means a repair shop.

    However, if the storage is actually good, but what is stored on the phone has become corrupt, then there may be a way to salvage it. Hopefully you have the files such as photos, etc. backed up somewhere already.

    Get the Lumia Software Recovery Tool, and with this you will need to "flash" the original ROM back to the phone from the computer. It will download the needed ROM from the internet and flash it to your device. This is similar to a hard reset, except that it doesn't use the phone's internal image, and it will actually rebuild the image the phone has stored so that there is no corruption.

    Unfortunately, I'm rather short on time at the moment, but I'll try to pop back in after a bit to give you a location of where to download the tool you need if you haven't found it already.

    EDIT: Looks like the one you need is the Windows Phone Recovery Tool, not the Lumia Software Recovery Tool.
    Go to the Microsoft website to get it.
    Windows Phone Recovery Tool | Microsoft
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